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Committee Assignments

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Administrative & Human Resources 1 Churchill Kramer
Building & Planning Grimes & Sinai
Economic Revitalization 4 Stevenson Courtney, McKeon
Finance Gavrin & Zelov co-chairs McComb
Fire Bernheim Whalen, Zelov
Grants & Community Development O'Neill Durbin, Stevenson
Health Kramer Churchill
Intergovernmental Relations Courtney Churchill, Stevenson
Legal Affairs McComb Grimes
Library 4 Durbin McKeon, O'Neill
Open Space 5 Churchill Kramer
Parks & Recreation 2 O'Neill Courtney, McKeon
Police Zelov Grimes, McComb
Public Works McKeon Churchill, Stevenson
Telecommunications 5 Sinai Whalen
Township Properties Whalen Gavrin, O'Neill
Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Stevenson Churchill, Zelov
Ad Hoc Environmental Initiative Courtney Kramer, O'Neill
Ad Hoc Nominations for Township Advisory Boards Durbin McKeon, Whalen
Ad Hoc Stormwater Management O'Neill Courtney, Gavrin
Ad Hoc Traffic Safety Zelov Durbin, Grimes 
Ad Hoc Pools McKeon Durbin, Stevenson
Ad Hoc Zoning Grimes  Courtney, Gavrin, Zelov

1 Administrative and Human Resources includes Public Information and Information Services.
2 Name changed by Ordinance 3650, July 17, 2002.
4 Name changed by Ordinance February 15, 2006.
5 Created by Ordinance February 15, 2006.

The former Ad Hoc School District Committee was removed as of the January 2016 biennial reorganization. Matters relating to the Lower Merion School District are now addressed by the Intergovernmental Relations Committee.