Suspicious Mail or Packages

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Emergency Management Plan

Should You Receive a Suspicious Letter or Package

  1. Handle the package with care -- do not shake or bump
  2. Isolate and look for the following indicators:
    • No return address/restrictive markings
    • Possibly mailed from a foreign country
    • Excessive postage
    • Misspelled words
    • Addressed to title only or incorrect title
    • Badly typed or written
    • Protuding wires
    • Lopsided or uneven
    • Rigid or bulky
    • Strange odor
    • Oily stains, discoloration, or crystallization on wrapper
    • Excessive tape or string
  3. Don't open, smell, or taste
  4. Treat it as suspect -- Call 9-1-1

If a parcel is opened and/or a threat is identified:

For a bomb:

  • Evacuate immediately
  • Call 9-1-1 (Police)
  • Contact local FBI

For radiological:

  • Limit exposure - don't handle
  • Evacuate area
  • Shield yourself from object

For biological or chemical:

  • Isolate - don't handle
  • Call 9-1-1 (Police)
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water