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Emergency Management Plan

If an evacuation is ordered, be prepared to do the following:

  • Tune in to Emergency Broadcast System.
  • If ordered to evacuate, follow instructions of emergency management officials.
  • Take your emergency kit.
  • Wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and sturdy shoes so you can be protected as much as possible.
  • Lock your home, including doors and windows.
  • Use travel routes specified by local authorities (do not use short cuts as they may be impassable or dangerous).
  • Do not assume a shelter has everything you need. Shelters generally supply meals, cots and blankets.
  • Bring at least one change of clothing for each family member.
  • Take medications, eyeglasses, canes, dentures and walkers.
  • Take personal articles such as toothbrushes, deodorant etc.
  • If required, bring items for your baby.
  • Bring books puzzles, games and cards for entertainment.
  • Have cash or Travelers Checks on hand. Be sure to include some change.