Emergency Management Plan

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Remarks from the Township Manager

Dear Lower Merion Township Resident:

In these uncertain times many residents of Lower Merion have inquired about the Township’s Emergency Management Plan and what they should do in the event of a chemical, biological or terroristic emergency.

The Township’s Plan, which has been in place for many years, has been activated on numerous occasions in response to major fires as well as chemical spills that required emergency evacuation of certain neighborhoods. We have also activated the Plan in response to floods and severe snow and electrical storms. On every occasion, the Plan has worked.

Our Plan is designed to be flexible. It identifies resources and assigns responsibility and accountability. Lower Merion’s resources are generally sufficient to provide for initial response and containment and also include contingencies for partnerships with other jurisdictions and emergency agencies. If needed, we can call upon Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and United States law enforcement and health agencies.

There are no designated emergency bomb shelters in the Township. Depending on the nature of any emergency, the Township, in cooperation with other governmental agencies and the Red Cross, will establish appropriate temporary emergency shelters or facilities for most emergencies, our citizens are asked to make provisions to shelter in their home and await further communications.

During an actual emergency, the Township will convey pertinent information to the public through all local television and radio networks. In addition, emergency information will be televised on the Township’s Government Access Channel (LMTV), posted on the Township’s website and on social media (Lower Merion Township on Facebook and @LowerMerionTwp on Twitter), and communicated through a special notification mailbox on the Township’s phone system. As of October 2014, alerts also come through the Township's "Blackboard Connect" call-out system.

Although the Township’s Primary Emergency Management Team is confident in its ability to carry out its public responsibility for emergency response, we recommend that each family develop their own emergency plan. Take the time to review the website and discuss what special needs or resources your family may require.

As circumstances occur, the Township will provide you with updates and additional information on our Emergency Management Program. If you have specific questions, please contact Public Information Office at 610-645-6199.


Ernie B. McNeely, Township Manager