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The Lower Merion Township Building is restricted to public access and will be available for a limited appointment only basis. Please click here for a department directory. The Lower Merion Transfer Station is open through Saturday, June 6, 2020, for tree debris and branches only. No regular dumping is permitted. Fill out your Census today at!

Instructions for Care of New Township Trees

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Newly planted trees need special care until they are established.




Tree Stakes help support newly planted trees. The Township will remove the stakes after the trees have been in the ground for 1 year. During that period, please do not remove or adjust the stakes.


All Township trees are mulched after they are planted. Mulch helps to conserve soil moisture and reduce the growth of weeds. Over time, the mulch will break down. Residents are encouraged to replace the mulch, as needed. A 2-4 inch layer of mulch should be applied in a saucer formation around the tree. Mulch should not be piled around the trunk of the tree… it can kill the tree.


Water is critical for the success of newly planted trees. During periods of hot dry weather, new trees will need to be watered. Fill the tree saucer twice with water, 3 times per week.


Please do not prune the tree. If the tree is damaged by wind or ice, please call the Township Arborist,  at (610) 667-1590, ext. 240.


Please do not hit the tree with a lawnmower, weed wacker, or other gardening tools. This may damage the bark and the trunk of the tree making the tree susceptible to disease, which will weaken and eventually kill the tree. The Township also requests that you not nail street numbers or bird houses into the tree trunk.

If you have any questions or concerns about the tree(s) that has been planted in the right of way on your property, please call the Township Arborist at (610) 667-1590, ext. 240.