Management of Trees in Lower Merion Township

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STC logoThe Lower Merion Shade Tree Commission has exclusive custody and control of all trees on Township property and right-of-way (if you have questions about ROW contact the township arborist) and is authorized to plant, remove, maintain and protect all trees on public streets and highways.

Township residents are prohibited from pruning or removing any Township tree without prior permission and coordination with the Township Arborist. Any person who violates this provision shall be liable for a fine or penalty not exceeding the legal limits for each offense.

Any property owner who wishes to have a shade tree that is located in the township right-of-way pruned or removed shall submit a written request to the Township Arborist and the Shade Tree Commission. The Township Arborist and members of the Shade Tree Commission shall inspect the tree. Thereafter, the Shade Tree Commission inform the property owner as to condition of the tree and whether or not the requested work will be performed by the Township. If the Shade Tree Commission determines that the tree does not require maintenance, the resident is prohibited from pruning or removing the tree. Private contractors who remove Township trees without a permit shall be liable for fines or penalties not exceeding the legal limits for each offense.

If the Shade Tree Commission determines that a tree in the public right-of-way should be pruned or removed and the Township is not in a position perform the work, the owner, with the permission of the Township Arborist and Shade Tree Commission, may engage a private contractor to perform the work. It is strongly recommended that the resident hire a Certified Arborist to perform all work on Township trees. Before proceeding, the contractor must obtain a permit from the Director of Public Works.

In the event that a Township tree is damaged or creates a hazard, residents should immediately call the Department of Public Works, Shade Tree Division, at 610-726-7141 for assistance.

For further information regarding the planting, maintenance and removal of Township street trees, please refer to Chapter 128 of the Code of the Township of Lower Merion. This document can be accessed from the Township website.