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Street Sweeping FAQ

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When does Street Sweeping take place?

Street sweeping is done under contract three times each year. Sweeping cycles begin on or about March 15, July 1 and November 15. The Township is divided into 10 sweeping districts. It generally takes 4 to 5 weeks to complete the entire Township. No sweeping is done on holidays or Saturday and Sunday, and when schedule changes occur, they will be posted on Channels 7 & 37.

What are Residents required to do to assist the sweeping process?

Citizens must avoid parking cars in the street on the days their district is scheduled for sweeping.

Which streets are swept?

Only streets with curbing are swept, which amounts to approximately 410 curb miles. The fall sweep tends to be the most challenging because of the number of leaves that collect on Township streets.

Should Residents rake leaves into the street?

Residents should be aware that under no circumstances are leaves to be raked into the street for pick-up by these machines. A street sweeper is not designed to handle bulk leaves and the contractor is instructed to go around raked out leaves.

Why doesn't the Township collect leaves raked into the street?

The Township does not collect leaves in the street because of the sheer volume, the number of roadway miles for which the Public Works Department is responsible and the staffing it would take to accomplish such a task. Also, leaves piled in the street are considered a hazard. They wash into and clog storm sewers, they are slippery when wet and they can be a fire hazard to parked cars with hot exhaust.

What should Residents do with their leaves?

Leaves from private property are to be put in biodegradable paper bags and placed by the curb for collection. They will be collected by Township personnel and taken to the Township’s compost site.

Where can Residents purchase leaf bags?

Leaf bags can be purchased at the Township’s Transfer Station, which is located at the Koegel Public Works Complex in Penn Valley, 610-667-1952 or at local hardware and home centers.