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Snow and Ice Manual

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1. Implementation

1.1 Storm Warnings

Winter storm warning service is available to Lower Merion Township on an annual contract basis with privately owned weather services contracted to provide the Township with 24-hour telephone update information on all weather alerts or storm warnings.

The National Weather Service is also a source of information available, but they do not supply the Township with an automatic call-in service like the private companies provide.

1.2 Standby Crews

The Highway Division of the Department of Public Works makes up a call out list each year. Beginning with the second week of November until the end of April, one of the three highway foremen and his crew are placed on a call out schedule that begins on Monday at 12:00 AM and runs to Sunday midnight. Any call out requiring the use of one crew for an emergency would go to the crew on that week’s schedule. In the event that the foreman cannot be reached, the next foreman on the list is to be called. This crew can put four trucks on the road and handle limited icy conditions if necessary. The supervisor in charge will determine the need for additional crews if necessary.

1.3 Call Out Procedure

The Highway Division maintains a list of phone numbers for all personnel involved in snow and ice control. In addition to Highway personnel, there are personnel utilized from the Sewer, Parks, Shade Tree, and Meter Divisions.

1.4 Telephone Procedures

When it becomes necessary to call out the entire work force because the situation is beyond the control of three highway crews, all division supervisors will be called by the highway supervisor. They in turn call the foreman under their control who calls each individual in their crew. As personnel arrive, they will pick up their truck and assemble at the Public Works Complex at 1300 N Woodbine Avenue for loading.

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