Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I put all my recyclables (paper, plastic, glass etc.) in one recycling bin?

  • Does the Township provide refuse and recycling containers? How do I request one?

  • How often is refuse/recycling picked up?

  • I am a new homeowner in the Township and want to make sure my trash gets picked up. How do I start service?

  • How do I change my Solid Waste subscription?

  • How does the Township define “curbside collection”?

  • How much are my subscription fees?

  • Is curbside collection mandatory for multi-family units or townhomes?

  • What will happen if I don't comply with curbside collection?

  • What will be the cost to receive Rear-Yard Collection?

  • What about households where no one is physically able to place their refuse/recycling within five-feet of the curb line?

  • Are there any incentives to reduce trash disposal?

  • Does the Township offer a Senior Citizens Discount?

  • How does the Township define a container size?

  • I currently have a 30-gallon container. Can I increase the size of my container to reduce my current subscription level?

  • When will I choose my subscription level for 2020?

  • If I don't want to change my level of service, do I need to return the subscription form?

  • What is the current method for Township refuse and recycling refuse pick-up?

  • What is the Solid Waste Fund (SWF)?

  • Will my trash still be picked up once a week if a new collection option is selected?

  • Should residents rake leaves into the street?

  • Why doesn’t the Township collect leaves raked into the street?

  • What should residents do with their leaves?

  • Where can residents purchase leaf bags?

  • Where do I call to...

  • How do I contact the Refuse Division?

  • How do I report a problem with, or learn more about, my refuse and recycling collection?

  • How often does refuse and recycling collection occur?

  • Are there any days that the Township does not collect refuse or recycling?

  • How do I schedule the collection of additional refuse not provided for under the subscription level of refuse collection?

  • What items can I recycle?

  • How do I dispose of leaves?

  • How do I dispose of shrubbery and tree trimmings?

  • How do I dispose of grass clippings?

  • How do I dispose of motor oil?

  • How do I dispose of items considered to be hazardous?

  • May municipal trash containers be used for household trash?

  • How do I increase my Solid Waste Fee container selection?