Electronics Recycling

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Public Works - Refuse Division

Each year, Lower Merion Township and Narberth Borough, host one or two recycling events known as Anything with a Plug” at the Township’s Public Works Complex (1300 N Woodbine Avenue, Penn Valley) to allow residents an opportunity for a nominal fee to responsibly recycle obsolete electronics such as televisions, computers and monitors which must be recycled in accordance with Pennsylvania law. Notices of these events are advertised on the Township's main web site page, on the LMTV government-access channel, and via the Township Facebook page and Twitter feed. (In the interim, it should be noted that the Township will not collect or accept any of these items for disposal during regular trash or recycling pickups. Please refer to Montgomery County’s Website for further information on disposal of electronics. https://www.montcopa.org/2019/Televisions.)



In addition, since late summer 2018, Lower Merion Township has been making it easier for residents to de-clutter their homes after introducing convenient curbside clothing and electronics recycling. Lower Merion was the first community in Pennsylvania to partner with Curb My Clutter, a service that enables residents to easily schedule mostly free* collections of many unwanted items, via text. 

Households are chock-full of unused clothing and electronics. These resources can be returned to the circular economy rather than kept in closets, drawers and basements. While most of these goods are recyclable, the sad fact is that as much as 85 percent end up in a landfill or incinerator. Households may benefit from a convenient way to get rid of all this clutter without having to wait for an electronics event or wrangle it to a drop-off location. Clearly, households may recycle more with a convenient option. With the Curb My Clutter curbside collection program, residents get a convenient way to reduce household clutter, taxpayers save disposal fees, and most importantly, clothing and electronics stay out of the waste stream. 

To participate: Simply text “PICKUP” to 610-723-8177 to schedule your pickup. That’s it. If you’d like to earn rewards for your pickup, send in pictures of what you’ll be recycling. When your pickup day comes around, just set your things on out on the porch or garage. Curb My Clutter will do the rest. 

*Fees$35 for a standard size TV, CRT computer monitor, or any size LCD/LED TV.  $100 for a large CRT flat panel (over 150 lbs.), rear projection or old wooden cabinet TVFor more information about Curb My Clutter, waste management and recycling, visit www.curbmyclutter.com/lmt

 For more information on the Township's Refuse and Recycling Division, including where to recycle plastic bags, click here