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The Lower Merion Township Building is restricted to public access and will be available for a limited appointment only basis. Please click here for a department directory. The Transfer Station is opened with regular hours but masks and social distancing are required. Clean up Weekend is back on July 11th and July 12th Fill out your Census today at!

Website Operating Policy

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The purpose of the Township Web Site is to provide information to the public about government and government-related community programs, activities, services, events, and issues. The Township Web Site will also provide links to related areas that will assist the public in learning more about the community of Lower Merion Township. This 24 hour/day information will originate at and be the responsibility of the Township of Lower Merion.


  1. To provide timely public information about government meetings, services, programs and events.
  2. To provide information which will enable the residents of Lower Merion to have more effective access to local government.
  3. To educate residents about government procedures and processes.
  4. To provide residents with information on various Township functions and departments.
  5. To expand community awareness of the decision-making processes of local government.
  6. To provide accurate, up-to-date information to residents during emergencies.
  7. To assist Township departments in the delivery of services, programs and information.
  8. To provide access (via hyperlinks) to information concerning:


The web site will include information directly supporting the stated objectives which benefit the public. Examples include a welcome from the President of the Board of Commissioners and the Township Manager, the President of the Board of Commissioners Vision for the Township, biographies of each Commissioner, schedule of public meetings of Boards and Commissions, frequently asked questions, history, etc.

Web Link Guidelines

The Lower Merion Township web site will be used primarily to provide information by and about Township government. Local municipalities may request a web link in writing to:

Office of Public Information
75 East Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003

Civic Associations, which are members of the Federation of Civic Associations, and the Federation may request a web link in writing to the above address.

Any registered non-profit agency may be linked to the Township web site. All non-profit requests must be accompanied by a written request and must include tangible evidence of non-profit status. Requests should be written to the above address.

Links to personal web sites (those created by individuals) or commercial web sites are prohibited.

Web link requests not covered by any of the above statements will be considered upon written request only, and will be approved only upon an affirmative vote of the Assessments and Procedures Committee of the Board of Commissioners.

All approved web links can take up to six weeks to complete.


Neither the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Lower Merion, the Township Manager, the officers, employees nor agents of the Township, warrant the accuracy or timeliness of any information provided and, they are not responsible for information contained in third party hyper links.