Police FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I complain about or commend a police officer?

  • How do I get a crash report?

  • Where can I purchase a dog license?

  • How long does the solicitor permit application process take

  • What is required for the Solicitor Permit

  • What are the costs associated with a Solicitor Permit

  • How do I obtain a Solicitors Permit

  • Who must obtain a Solicitors Permit

  • How do I obtain a Dog License?

  • What hours is the department open?

  • What is the department's mailing address?

  • Does the Police Department do fingerprinting for applications, etc?

  • Where do I renew a license or car registration?

  • Where do I pay a traffic ticket?

  • How do I find out about crime statistics for my neighborhood or about a neighborhood that I am considering moving into in the Township?

  • How do I get a copy of a police report for my insurance company?

  • What if the insurance company requests that I provide the report?

  • How do I find out which investigator is assigned to follow-up my case?

  • Does this department provide residential and commercial security surveys?

  • How can I get Crime Prevention information?

  • How do I request temporary No-Parking signs in front of my house for a special event?

  • How do I get police services for a special event at my residence or business?

  • How do I get a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)?

  • Are there any other sources of assistance for victims of abuse or other crimes?

  • I want to become a Lower Merion Township Police Officer, how do I go about this?

  • Who do I contact about traffic problems in the Township?