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Penn Wynne Park Master Plan Update

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Penn Wynne Park is a 10.22 acre active park located in the Penn Wynne / Wynnewood section of the Township. It is surrounded on three sides by residences and on the fourth side by Lankenau Hospital and Friends Central School.

A master plan was completed for the park in 1997, with a minor update completed in 2008. The 1997 plan included the following recommendations, followed by their status:  

  • Install new sidewalks with handicap access along Manoa Rd., a woodland path and an accessible path linking major park features to Manoa Rd.
  • A new sidewalk was installed the length of Manoa Rd. and an internal path system was built that links active recreational facilities. The path system is not accessible. 
  • Informational, identification and interpretive signs.
  • Informational signage was installed for the park rules, tennis court use and playgrounds.
  • An evergreen buffer to adjacent residences on Arden and Garden Rds.
  • Restoration plantings in the existing woodland and along riparian corridor, street trees along Manoa Rd.
  • Re-orient existing playfields to accommodate more use.
  • The softball field was relocated to eliminate as much field overlap with the multi- purpose field as possible.
  • Site furnishings, including benches, trash receptacles, a water fountain and lighting.
  • A water fountain was added.
  • Expansion and renovation of basketball and tennis courts.
  • The tennis courts were re-surfaced and the full-size basketball court was reduced to a half-court.

Since the 1997 plan was competed, several recommendations were implemented, but changes have occurred in the recreational needs and interest of residents; playground safety standards and accessibility requirements have changed and management and maintenance issues have arisen. The master plan was updated in 2008 due to various management and maintenance concerns. Among the recommendations contained in the 2008 update:

  • Reduce full-size basketball court to half-size.
  • Completed. 
  • Install a basketball related play activity for younger children.
  • Install trail around perimeter of the park.
  • Stormwater improvements along Yarmouth Rd. boundary.
  • Add picnic tables.
  • Consider additional playground equipment.

In 2012, the Township updated its Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Plan. The plan contained numerous recommendations, several specific to Penn Wynne Park:

  • Develop a nature trail to explore the full extent of the park.
  • Enhance the riparian buffer along the small stream by removing invasive species and introducing native riparian buffer plantings.
  • Consider planting meadow grasses outside of recreation use areas to expand the riparian buffer, to filter pollutants and reduce mowing.
  • Develop a second 60’ ballfield. 

The master planning process will consider recommendations from all of the prior planning efforts that were not implemented, as well as other potential improvements to stormwater management, circulation, gathering spaces, athletic fields, accessibility, the natural area and tree canopy and sustainability. The plan will be completed by Township staff with assistance from the Township Engineer and will involve a comprehensive and extensive public process.

Penn Wynne Park Master Plan Update - October 2017

Penn Wynne Park Final Site Plan