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Friends of Lower Merion Parks

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The PARK FRIENDS program encourages residents to take pride in their public open spaces by committing to maintain a park, trail, or specified area.  Anyone can become a PARK FRIEND: 

Schools * Organizations * Businesses * Families * Neighbors * Individuals


Township parks * Natural areas * Public strips/Islands * Gardens * Flower beds * Trails (minimum of one mile) * Specific facility (tennis courts and playgrounds)


PARK FRIENDS  are asked to commit to maintain a park, facility or trail a minimum of four times during the course of one (1) year. Parks Division employees work with interested volunteers and groups to determine the type of work and commitment of the volunteers.

Those interested in planting a flower bed or garden will be asked to commit to its maintenance for a minimum of four times a year for three (3) years. Responsibility for purchasing and planting all plant material and vegetation would be on the volunteers.


Parks Division employees will provide training and orientation to all volunteers. Additional training may be necessary depending upon the level of work being conducted.


The Township will supply basic supplies, including trash bags, gloves, compost and screened mulch when available. Hand tools, such as rakes and shovels, may be available on a sign-out basis.  The Cynwyd Tool Trailer, is an enclosed trailer that is fully equipped with tools, supplies and safety equipment. It is available for approved PARK FRIENDS groups for projects and workdays involving groups with a minimum of twelve (12) volunteers.


Workdays are scheduled in advance. Approved PARK FRIENDS can open their workdays to the general public. Upon completing a workday, volunteers submit a report to the Township.


·A sign acknowledging PARK FRIENDS commitment during their adoption period will be mounted in the park.

·All PARK FRIENDS will be acknowledged on the Township’s PARK FRIENDS website.


Download a PARK FRIENDS application.

For more information on the PARK FRIENDS program, call the Lower Merion Department of Parks & Recreation at 610-645-6220, email the Department at


Current Park Friends

Cynwyd Heritage Trail- Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail  - The mission of the Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail (FOCHT) is to support the design, construction, maintenance and community involvement in the Trail. FOCHT conducts trail workdays on various Saturdays every month and volunteers are welcome. Exact locations and more specific information on the work to be completed at each workday is available closer to the date.  Information can be found by following the link to the website. Volunteers are welcome.



Linwood Park- Friends of Linwood Park - The mission of Friends of Linwood Park (FoLP) is to support the development, maintenance and beneficial use of Linwood Park for residents of Lower Merion Township and beyond. FoLP completes 99% of all maintenance responsibilities in the park, including weeding, mulching, watering, pruning, dividing plants and composting the gardens and debris clean-up. Workdays are scheduled throughout the year.  Information can be found by following the link to the website.  Volunteers are welcome.



Merion Botanical Park- Botanical Society of Lower Merion - The mission of the Botanical Society of Lower Merion is to… Workdays are scheduled throughout the year. 2014 workday projects will include tree identification, tree tagging and inventory, GPS locating, English ivy removal, pruning, removing debris from the stream.  Information can be found by following the link to the website.   Volunteers are welcome.



Rolling Hill Park & various parks- Lower Merion Conservancy - The mission of the Lower Merion Conservancy is to protect and enhance our quality of life by engaging residents in preserving open space, the natural environment, and the historic character of the community. Through education, advocacy ad research, we promote collective responsibility for these shared resources. The Conservancy maintains a rain garden and butterfly garden at Rolling Hill Park and conducts workdays in Township parks including the Wynnewood Valley Park Sensory Garden and in various natural areas removing invasive vines.  Information can be found by following the link to the website.



Cynwyd Station Park- Friends of Cynwyd Station Park - The mission of the Friends of Cynwyd Station Park is to restore the park to its former glory. 2014 workday projects include restoring historic tree wells, debris collection and planting along a portion of the park’s boundary with the Cynwyd Heritage Trail. Information can be found by following the link to the website.    Volunteers are welcome.



Friends of West Mill Creek Park The mission of the Friends of West Mill Creek Park is to enhance amenities for park users while preserving the park’s essentially wild nature, and to beautify the park with native plants that support wildlife. Many of the members of the friends own dogs and visit the park regularly to exercise their dogs off leash. Goals for 2014 are to begin to develop a wildlife garden and retreat near the park’s entrance, and to create permanent seating along the creek for those who like to watch their dogs play in the creek. Information can be found by following the link to the website.  Volunteer are welcome.



Friends of Ashbridge Park – The mission of the Friends of Ashbridge Park (FoAP) is to preserve Ashbridge Memorial Park.   The Park was deeded, with detailed restrictions in 1940, by Emily Ashbridge to Lower Merion Township “for the express purpose of creating a public park for recreation to be and remain a park forever.  FoAP advocates for Ashbridge Memorial Park, works to help care for the grounds and arboretum, and generally supports the community with enjoying our amazing green space. Information can be found by following the link to the website.  Volunteer are welcome.



Did you grow up taking long walks through the woods in General Wayne Park? Was a certain park bench in Wynnewood Valley Park the favorite destination of a loved one? The Gifts for Parks program enables residents to support their favorite park or remember a loved one by donating funds to purchase, install or plant trees in a park. The Department of Parks & Recreation maintains a list of potential projects and amenities and we will work with interested benefactors to determine what could be most appropriate.

What is a Gift ?

A gift is a donation towards any of the following:

  • Reforestation or restoration: Purchase and planting trees in the Township’s developed parks or natural areas consistent with the Township’s plans.

  • Park & playground equipment: Purchase and installation of playground equipment, playground safety surfacing, tables, benches, water fountains, etc.

  • Specific project: Renovation of a basketball or tennis court.

  • Remembrance: Purchase and installation of a park amenity or improvement in remembrance of a loved one, a wedding or anniversary.

  • General donation: Donation toward the operation and maintenance of a specific park or the general operation and maintenance of the Lower Merion Township park system.

All gifts are deductible for Federal income tax purposes, but we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

Recognition !!

Donations are recognized with an on site listing indicating the donors name, dedication and the and improvement provided.