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Flat Rock Park Boating Facilities

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General Use of Flat Rock Park Boating Facilities

Township-owned boating facilities are provided at Flat Rock Park. The general public is permitted use of these facilities provided appropriate permits are obtained.

The Township reserves the right to limit use of the boating facilities if the facility is needed for its own use.

The boating facilities are available for use by motorized and non-motorized boats, including canoes and kayaks.

The recreational boating season is year round, but floating docks will only be in the water from approximately April 1 to November 15.

The hours of Flat Rock Park are from Sunrise to Sunset.

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission governs the waterway. Southeast Regional Office can be reached at 717-626-0228.


These procedures shall apply to the use of the boating facilities at Flat Rock Park under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks & Recreation and to members of the general public seeking permits to use the boating facilities.


Boat is defined as a small vessel used for travel on the water.

Motorized Boats are defined as any boats powered by a gasoline, diesel or electric motor. Includes auxiliary motors on boats such as sailboats, rowboats and canoes.

Boating Facilities are defined as the area and facilities in Flat Rock Park, in the vicinity of the boat launch, including, the rigging area, boat launch, floating docks and parking area.

Boat Launch is defined as the concrete ramp leading into the Schuylkill River where boats, including personal watercraft (PWC) can be launched and retrieved from the river.

Dock is defined as either a floating or stationary platform over the water where boats or personal watercraft can temporarily moor.

Fee is defined as the amount of money charged for a boat launch permit.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) is defined as vessels less than sixteen (16) feet in length, that use an inboard engine powering a water jet pump as their primary source of propulsion, designed to be operated by a person sitting, kneeling or standing in other than the conventional manner of boat operation. A PWC is considered a boat.

Rigging Area is defined as the area where boaters can temporarily park their vehicle and boat trailer as they prepare their boats for launch or secure equipment upon retrieving their boats from the water.

Applying for Trailer Permit

A permit is required to park a boat trailer at Flat Rock Park.

Permits may be acquired on-line through the mail or in person from the Department of Parks & Recreation.

There is no Fee for the boat Trailer permit.   Fees are reviewed annually and subject to change.

Boat Trailer Permit Application

On-line Application

A properly completed Boat Trailer Permit Application listing correct names, addresses and telephone numbers and signed Wavier and Acknowledgment agreeing to the Rules and Regulation must be submitted to the Department of Parks & Recreation.  Permits will be issued on the basis of compliance with the requirements of the Township.

Parks & Recreation staff will review applications. 

Once the application is approved, the applicant will receive a boat Trailer permit sticker.

Trailer permits will not expire.  Lower Merion Township reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, including changes to fees.

Revocation of a Boat Operator’s Permit

A boat operator’s permit may be revoked, fines levied or a fee for damages charged for the following reasons:

  • Failure to follow established rules and regulations concerning the use of Township boating facilities.
  • Failure to provide required information on an application or for providing false information.
  • Failure to follow established Township laws, ordinances, regulations.
  • Failure to follow PA Fish & Boat Commission Boating regulations.
  • Damage caused to Township property.
  • Abuse of Township personnel.