E-Z Park Smart Card

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 EZ parking smart card

The new E-Z PARK SMART CARD is specifically designed for use at all parking meters in Lower Merion Township. With the Smart Card you will enjoy the convenience and security of using the Smart Card to pay meter fees rather than carrying coins. You will also be able to retrieve any unused time on the meter back on your card.

What Is The E-Z Park Smart Card?

It is a convenient way to pay for metered parking without coins. The Smart Card is the size of a credit card. It is rechargeable, once the card runs out you can recharge it. There is no expiration date or time limit in which to use  the Smart Card.

Where Can I Purchase An E-Z Park Smart Card?

It can be purchased at the Parking Services Department, 71 E Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003. The office is open Monday through Friday, except holidays, from 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM. Call (610) 645-6230.

Can I Purchase More Than One Smart Card?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of cards you can purchase.

How Does The Smart Card Work?

  1. Insert the Smart Card into any Lower Merion Township parking meter card slot, which is next to the coin slot.
  2. The meter will flash the dollar balance remaining on the card four times.
  3. The meter will then begin to register the amount of time being added to the meter in half hour increments ($0.25).
  4. Once the correct amount of time has registered, remove the Smart Card.

Note: If you fail to remove the Smart Card once the correct time has registered, it will continue to add time up to the posted time allowed on the meter. The meter will not register more than the posted parking time limit. If you receive an “Err” message, check to see if you are inserting the card properly. (The card must be right side up and the black arrow pointing into the meter). The instructions for using a Smart Card can be found on the card itself.

Can The Smart Card Be Used In Conjunction With Coins?

 Yes. You can always use Dollar Coins, Quarters, Dimes, and Nickels in the parking meters in conjunction with the Smart Card to supplement the Smart Card or instead of the Smart Card.

What Happens When The Smart Card Runs Out?

You may bring the card back to the Parking Services Department and add any additional money to the card. Additional money can be added to the card if the balance is low, you do not need to wait until the card runs out.

Is There A Time Limit In Which To Use The Smart Card?

No. You can use the Smart Card until you have  exhausted the money you put on it. No refunds will be issued for unused balances on cards.

Can Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged Cards Be Replaced?

 No. The Smart Card is extremely durable and has been tested against a broad range of environmental conditions including heat, cold, and moisture. In addition, Smart Cards are unaffected by magnetic and x-ray exposure  such as that experienced during airport security  scans. Since normal usage should not affect the card, no refund will be issued if it becomes damaged. Treat your Smart Card like cash!

How Do I Retrieve Any Unused Time?

When you return to your meter and still have time left on the meter, insert your card into the card slot. First, you will see the amount of money on your card flash four times then “REF” will flash indicating your refund is in process, and then finally the amount of money on your card after the refund, and the meter display will return to 00:00. Remove your card from the meter. Keep in mind that one (1) minute must have passed since you charged time on the meter in order to get a refund.

Note: If you used a Smart Card in conjunction with coins to put time on the meter, only the amount of time put on the meter with the Smart Card will be refunded. Time put on the meter with coins will not be refunded back to the card.

How Much Does The Card Cost?

There is a one time fee of $5.00 for each card. After you purchase the card you may return as many times as needed to add additional money to the card at no additional cost to you. You can purchase any dollar value up to $100.00.