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Metered Parking

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What You Need To Know

  • The duration to park at a metered space is limited to the maximum time on the meter. The short-term parking duration is two hours only. These meters heads are identified by their charcoal color.
  • Longer term parking is available at the meters identified by the color red. At these meters, the legal parking duration is up to 12 hours.
  • Generally, all curb spaces are limited two hours.
  • Longer term meters in Ardmore are available at Cricket Garage and Ardmore West (Lot 16).
  • In Bryn Mawr, the longer term meters are available at Bryn Mawr Station (Lot 7), Central Bryn Mawr (Lot 10), and Water Street (Lot 22). Longer term meters are also located at both Water Street and Franklin Avenue. In Bryn Mawr, the short-term parking duration is three hours in Central Bryn Mawr (Lot 10) only.
  • In Bala Cynwyd, the longer term meters are available at Cynwyd Station (Lot 15). Longer term meters are also located on Bala Avenue near the Bala Theater.
  • In Merion-Cynwyd, the longer term meters are available at Old Lancaster Road (Lot 12).
  • The current rate to park at a parking meter is fifty cents per hour. All meters will accept dollar coins, quarters, dimes, nickels, and the E-Z Park Smart Card, and Parkmobile cellphone payments.
  • All parking meters have a free time button that will give 10 minutes of free time if no time is displayed on the meter.

Ticketing Information

Parking tickets are payable upon receipt by mailing a check or money order to:

Township of Lower Merion
Parking Services Department
PO Box 151
Ardmore, PA 19003-2323 


A parking ticket payment drop box is located at the front   of the Public Safety Building. Payment envelopes can be deposited 24/7, and all payments are processed within   24 hours, except weekends. The box is secure, saves time and is convenient for paying parking   violations.

Envelopes for payments of the new computerized parking tickets are located inside of the drop box door.


Township of Lower Merion
Parking Services Department
71 East Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003-2323


Failure to pay the fine results in a higher fine along with the cost of prosecution. Drivers who wish to contest a ticket should not respond to the violation. They will receive a summons in the mail from the District Justice in order to request a hearing.

  • Most fines for parking violations are $25.
  • Lower Merion High School fines are $30. 
  • Violations who park in a Handicapped Parking Only space will be fined $50.

E-Z Park Smart Card