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Line of Duty Deaths

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This page is dedicated to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Let us never forget them or their bravery.

Bryn Mawr Fire Company

  • George A. Buckland - Died March 9, 1951

Merion Fire Company of Ardmore

  • Isaac Scott - Died December 31, 1930
  • Phillip P. Cirrito - Died June 9, 1999

Narberth Fire Company

  • Charles Noel - Died December 26, 1937
  • Thomas Hays - Died December 8, 2006

Penn Wynne Fire Company

  • Harold F. Beck, Jr. - Died October 30, 1988

For more information on how you can honor our fallen fire heroes and assist their families and coworkers, visit the National Fallen Fire Fighter Foundation.  Thank you for your support.


                                                            SEA OF BLUE

We miss you fallen heroes, and time seems to move slower without you.

Yet through the mists of grief, we feel you still, and that is our relief.

For our hearts beat as one. Your hearts beat within us, within the sea of blue.

Long through the day and into the night, we turn out, leaving behind our homes

 and our fire stations for a dangerous destination, a clash with the unknown.

But we are poised, battle-ready, our nerves honed with steel and we are not alone.

Your hearts beat within us, within the sea of blue.

Our sirens are the heralds of hope— From those in danger, never far away—

And to the helpless, they say:

“We have made a promise, a sacred trust, as our forefathers did and as we now must

Fulfill, for we are firefighters true, and our hearts beat as one in a sea of blue.”

As we push through the smoke, advance our line through the door, as we throw ladders

and Search above the fire floor, as we take command and make our stand, we are one true Sea of blue.

As we drop from planes and cut fire breaks, as we search through the rubble,

As we do whatever it takes to rescue those in mortal trouble,

As the sweat drips from our brows, as our eyes meet in battle with a recognition and resolve,

As drops of blood in tears dissolve, as we burn with the flame of life and reach deep down,

To find the courage and the strength to carry on, our hearts are one, and your hearts beat still within a sea of blue.

When we say “yes” to the firefighter’s life, when we say “yes” to duty, honor, and sacrifice,

We are saying “yes” with you, fallen hero, you are alive in ways that can’t be seen.

We follow our dream in your footsteps and as you emptied your goodness into life’s cup,

So will we follow and raise it up— For our hearts are one in a sea of blue.

Across our hearts and minds a spirit blows, throughout time, unceasing:

A virtuous spirit called “sister” and “brother” that joins us to one another and fills us with the power

To walk this unforgiving road and lock arms around the helpless in a rock-solid wall of human kindness

Between the perilous and the imperiled, for we are one, a sea of blue.

We are fire patriots, our flags unfurled, a sea of blue in a circle of lifegiving that’s everwidening and transcendent of this world.

Your immorality sings within us to the beat of hearts true, True to the sea of blue.

 Let us testify, brothers and sisters, to the families of the fallen whose love

For their heroes is deeper than the sea, let this be our solemn vow, our destiny.

May our fallen heroes live on In our every act of courage, in every deed of honor, in every discharge of duty, in every mark of kindness,

In every expression of compassion, in our passion for the job, in our every achievement, in our every success, in everything we do:

May you live on, fallen heroes, in the enduring sea of blue.


      -- written by Bill Manning