Closures & Information:

The Lower Merion Township Building is restricted to public access and will be available for a limited appointment only basis. Please click here for a department directory. The Transfer Station is opened with regular hours but masks and social distancing are required. Clean up Weekend is back on July 11th and July 12th Fill out your Census today at!

Fire Department FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My smoke detector is chirping, what does that mean?

  • Are fire pits permitted in the Township?

  • Can I burn leaves and/or sticks on my property?

  • What are the different types of smoke detectors?

  • Where should smoke detectors be placed in our home?

  • What are the fire station locations and telephone numbers?

  • How do I support my local fire company?

  • Which fire halls are available for rent?

  • How are fire departments and fire hydrants situated throughout the Township?

  • Who provides fire service?

  • Are fire reports available?

  • What are the guidelines for the use of charcoal and propane?

  • How effective are smoke detectors?

  • Prohibited conduct