Sanitary Sewer Rent FAQ

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  • What is a Sanitary Sewer Rent Bill?

  • How is my bill calculated?

  • Does my mortgage company/escrow pay my sewer bill?

  • I am a new homeowner and this bill is based on last year's consumption when I didn't live in the house. Do I still need to pay?

  • What if I fill my swimming pool or do outside watering?

  • I have a Special Meter, where is my credit on the bill?

  • How do I read my Special Meter?

  • I forgot to turn in my card with the meter reading/I haven’t turned in a reading for a few years. Can I still get credit?

  • Is it worth it to install a Special Meter?

  • My Special Meter is installed, what do I do now?

  • I already filled my pool, but I didn’t have a meter installed. Can I get credit for that?

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about my sewer bill?

  • What is the Sanitary Sewer Rental Rate?

  • My Special/Deduct Meter broke this year, can I still get credit?