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Business Tax FAQs

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  • Do I still have to pay EMST or OPT?

  • How will the LST revenue be used by the Township of Lower Merion?

  • How many people does this affect?

  • When is payment of the LST due?

  • Will employers have to vary withholding amounts to make sure that $52 is collected from every employee?

  • If LST is incorrectly withheld is there a refund process?

  • Is there any way for those eligible for an exemption to avoid having LST withheld?

  • Will any person who works in the Township be exempt from paying LST?

  • What differentiates the EMST from the LST?

  • What is the Local Services Tax (LST)?

  • What are the requirements for a home based business?

  • Are there legal steps to having a going out of business sale?

  • Who do I call about business tax questions?

  • Does Lower Merion Township have an Earned Income Tax (EIT)?

  • Does Lower Merion Township have a Gross Receipts Tax?

  • Is there any statute of limitation on an unfiled business tax form?

  • Where do I register a fictitious (business) name or tax ID number?

  • What is the due date for Mercantile / Business Privilege License/Tax forms?