Water Conservation and Protection

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Lower Merion Township residents may be able to lower utility bills by conserving energy or by using alternative energy sources. This page provides residents with many links to useful sites to help integrate energy saving practices into your lifestyles.


Pennsylvania's DEP website provides a lot of information on many water related topics.

The World's Water – Everything you wanted to know about the world's freshwater.

A Penn State Extension site with a lot of information about water quality issues in Pennsylvania. Includes information about groundwater quality.


This site from the California Urban Water Conservation Council will take you on a house tour to show you how you can save water in each room.

Check Pennsylvania DEP's Drought Information Center for the latest information on Pennsylvania's drought status.

Learn about groundwater in Pennsylvania and how we can protect it through Pennsylvania DEP's website.

Check this list of websites put together by Audubon Pennsylvania to learn more about landscaping your home in an environmentally friendly manner, including help with choosing landscaping that conserves water.

A comprehensive list of water conservation links put together by Montgomery County, Maryland.