Swimming Pool Draining/Cleaning

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Swimming pool owners must adhere to both local and state requirements for draining and cleaning of swimming pools.

The discharge of swimming pool water into a water of the Commonwealth without a permit is a violation of the Clean Streams Law, Act of June 22, 1937, P.L. 1987 as amended. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources policy does not require a permit to drain your pool if the following Departments’ guidelines are followed:

  1. The pool water and backwash may not be drained directly into Township stream, other water bodies or storm sewers.

  2. Pool water and water used to clean pools must be neutralized before the water may be drained onto any property. (Check with your pool service company for information on materials used in neutralizing pool water).
  3. Neutralized pool water can be discharged over a grassy area to allow absorption, filtration and aeration of the water. The discharge should be at a slow enough rate so as to prevent erosion and optimize infiltration.
  4. Before pool water is drained onto adjacent properties, the owner must first receive approval from the adjacent property owner.

Pool service companies are aware of these prerequisites and must take the proper precautions when cleaning and draining pools. Pool owners should ensure that their pool service company complies with these requirements.

For further information, call the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Management at 484-250-5970.