Green Building Practices and LEED

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EAC Lead:  Leigh Cohen

This team will evaluate methods by which to encourage or require sound environmental and sustainable practices in public and private sector construction projects, including the use of LEED or other certification programs as a mechanism for implementation of these objectives.

Generally speaking, this team will consider ways to encourage or require developers to use environmentally friendly methods, designs or materials in both new construction and when retrofitting projects. This team may consider sustainable design methods; encouraging use of Energy Star products, recycling grey water, installing geothermal heating/cooling systems and green roofs; whether developers should be offered expedited permit review, expedited approvals or other incentives for employing such technologies. This team will also consider whether the “tear down” phenomenon in the Township is having an environmental impact and whether a regulatory response is warranted. This team would also consider whether Township construction projects should be required to incorporate environmentally friendly practices.