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The Lower Merion Township Building is restricted to public access and will be available for a limited appointment only basis. Please click here for a department directory. The Transfer Station is opened with regular hours but masks and social distancing are required. Clean up Weekend is back on July 11th and July 12th Fill out your Census today at!

Building FAQs

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Building Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is there a list of approved student homes?

  • What do I need to do to install a pool?

  • Where do I secure permits for various projects and home improvements?

  • What is the zoning classification of my property?

  • May I, as the property owner, perform my own plumbing and electrical work?

  • What are the requirements for building an addition or expanding my residential property?

  • Is a permit required when the homeowner is doing the work?

  • How many sets of plans are required to make application for a permit?

  • How long is the plan review process?

  • What are your present permit fees?

  • What is your fax number?

  • Does your office have any original house plans?

  • Can I get copies of my house plans?

  • I have an abandoned underground fuel oil tank on my property. Does it have to be removed and who can remove it?

  • How long is the process to receive a resale certificate?

  • Can you recommend a contractor?

  • Do you maintain a file for contractors?

  • What codes do you enforce?