Privacy Policy

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When you use this website what types of information does the Township collect and what do we do with it?

Email addresses

If you email Township staff for information or with a question your address is used to respond. After six months of inactivity any address is deleted from the Exchange Server during the archive process. If you email a Township department to be placed on a mailing list, additional address information may be required for postal service mailings. Address information is stored in secure databases maintained by the department doing the mailing. When a process is completed (i.e. land development or zoning hearings) those contact lists are deleted.

Use of an Address in a Form

The instance of an address used in a Form query (i.e. Where do I vote?) to a database is not tracked and the query is deleted as the answer is returned. There is no logging of addresses used to query the various databases of information.

IP addresses and Domains

Your IP (Internet Protocol) address or domain is logged to analyze trends and usage. This is used as a tool for website modification and server estimates. Logs are kept on a rolling year basis. The information is collected in a W3C Extended Logfile format and the fields logged are:

  • IP Address
  • Browser type and Operating System
  • Referrer Site
  • Time and Date

The IP Address field is logged to count the numbers of users of the website, in order to study busy times and bottlenecks and to ensure that the servers are adequate to the demands of Township residents who use the site.
The Browser type and Operating System are logged to ensure the site is written to provide service to all who access it.
The Referrer Site is logged to study the search engines’ queries that are used to find the Township's website. This is then used to construct better keyword structure in webpages.
The Time and Date fields are used like the IP address to log busy times and bottlenecks.

The Township website embeds no cookies. User information is kept in a secure database with access control. The Township does not share any data with other municipal governments or third parties.

For more general information regarding privacy policies and practices you can visit BBB Online or the Federal Trade Commission.