The Board of Commissioners of Lower Merion Township


Name Ward
Name Ward
Daniel S. Bernheim, Esq., President 1
Anna Durbin 8
Paul A. McElhaney, VP 3
George T. Manos, AIA 9
Joshua L. Grimes, Esq. 2
V. Scott Zelov 10
Steven K. Lindner 4
Tiffany O'Neill 11
Cheryl B. Gelber, Esq. 5
Brian A. Gordon, Esq. 12
Philip S. Rosenzweig, Esq. 6
C. Brian McGuire 13
Elizabeth S. Rogan 7
Rick Churchill 14


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Ward Map in PDF format (3.8 MB)
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Ward Map with Precincts in PDF format (9 MB)

For more information, contact Township Secretary, Jody Kelley at 610-645-6145.