Fallen Officers

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Officer Edward M. Setzer

Officer Edward M. Setzer  
September 30, 1988: On September 30, 1988, Officer Edward Setzer was assisting with the search for a burglary suspect in the Gladwyne area.  At approximately 10:30 A.M. he stopped to investigate an unoccupied vehicle parked on the side of the roadway.  He was confronted by a male suspect and during the ensuing struggle, Officer Setzer was fatally shot in the chest.  Subsequent investigation indicated that the 23-year-old assailant, Kendall Hatfield, had just burglarized a nearby residence and had been responsible for several other crimes throughout the Delaware Valley, all involving either rape or sexual rituals.  On October 13 he was charged with murder, robbery, burglary and related offenses.  He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Officer Setzer was a 15 year veteran of the Lower Merion Township Police Department at the time of his slaying.  He was 37 years of age and is survived by his wife and three children.  Every year since his death, the Police Department has hosted the Edward Setzer Memorial Golf Tournament in his honor.

Sergeant Francis J. Fanning

July 6, 1966: Francis J. Fanning joined the Lower Merion Township Police Department on March 15, 1938.  He served in patrol and was appointed to the rank of Sergeant on November 28, 1953.  He was assigned to the Traffic Safety Unit.  On July 6, 1966, Sergeant Fanning was in Department headquarters performing administrative duties, when he was stricken by a heart attack and died.

Officer Elwyn A. Fletcher

June 9, 1927: Officer Elwyn A. Fletcher was patrolling the Township by motorcycle on June 9, 1927.  He was pursuing a speeding auto on Montgomery Avenue in Ardmore when one of the tires on his motorcycle blew out, causing him to be thrown onto the street.  Officer Fletcher was pronounced dead at Bryn Mawr Hospital as a result of the severe head trauma suffered in this accident.

Officer Francis "Buck" Roy

July 3, 1924: Officer Francis "Buck" Roy was the first Lower Merion Township Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty.  On July 3, 1924 at 10:15 P.M. Officer Roy was dispatched to the scene of a cross burning on the grounds of the Haverford College Campus.  Officer Albert Miller, although off-duty, volunteered to assist him.  On their arrival they found 200 members of the Ku Klux Klan dispersing from a rally which had ended in a cross burning.  As the officers attempted to question two men who were walking away from the scene, the men opened fire on them. Officer Francis Roy was struck in the leg and hip.  Officer Miller was struck in the shin.

After several months in and out of consciousness and the amputation of his leg, Officer Francis Roy died on September 15, 1924 as a result of the injuries he sustained during this incident.  Although five men were tried for the murder of Officer Roy, they were acquitted.   Twenty-eight months later, Moses Rogers, a janitor at Haverford College, confessed to the killing.  He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to three to six years in Montgomery County Prison.

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