Special Meter Registration

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Thank you for your interest in the Special Meter Program.  This will enable you to receive a credit on a future sanitary sewer rent bill.  The credit is for water used for filling a pool or irrigating lawns and/or gardens. 

To receive the credit, you must have a Special Meter attached to the water line that supplies the pool or irrigation system. This meter must be installed by a plumber at your expense. When you call your plumber, ask for a Deduct Water Meter. Installation charges vary based on the plumber and equipment.

Once you have the meter installed, please complete this form. If you prefer to print and mail the form, you may do so by printing this formYou must register your meter and report an annual reading to receive credit for the unsewered water. At the beginning of next year, a Special Meter Reading card will be mailed to you.  You will return the card with a current reading and the usage will be deducted from the next sanitary sewer rent bill.

 Please see the Sanitary Sewer Rent FAQ for more information.

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Special Meter Brand (Badger, Carlon, etc.)
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Please check this box if you would like to go paperless for your Special Meter account. You will be notified via email when the Special Meter reading period is open, and submit your reading via an online form. If you want to go paperless, please be sure to provide a valid email address. This will only impact your Special Meter account. 

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