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Please complete this form to make changes to your Solid Waste collection subscription level. Please see the Solid Waste Collection Options for information regarding the fee structure. If you have additional questions about Solid Waste service, please email or call the Refuse and Recycling Division at 610-667-1952 Or 610-667-1953.

If you are responding to the 2018 Solid Waste Subscription notice via this form, please DO NOT mail back the paper form. If you do not wish to change your subscription level, please do not fill out this form and do not mail back the paper form. You only need to submit a response if you want to change your collection point, add more containers, or decrease the number of containers in your subscription.  Any changes submitted via this form will be effective January 1, 2018

You may use this form to increase or decrease the number of cans in your subscription, and set your collection point for the year. You will only be permitted to decrease your Solid Waste Subscription level between November 15, 2017 and December 20, 2017.  You may increase the number of containers or add rear yard collection at any time throughout the year, which will be billed on a pro-rated basis by quarter. 

Owner's Name
Property Address (ex. 75 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore)
Phone number
Email address

Parcel Number

Parcel number is shown on the 2018 Solid Waste Subscription notice in the upper right of the front page.  (4000-XXXXX-XX-X)

If you do not know your parcel number, you can look it up on the Montgomery County Property Records site


Number of refuse containers to be collected

Property owner provides containers of no more than 45 gallons. Do not include recycling containers in this count


Collection Point

Customers who prefer to place their refuse/recycling further than five-feet from the curb line should choose Rear Yard Collection for an additional fee. Please see the Solid Waste FAQ for more information on this service and disability waivers

Reason for Change
Reason for Change

New Recycling Containers Requested

If your new home needs recycling containers, you may either pick them up at the Koegel Public Works complex (Lower Merion Township address must be on your ID/update), or the Township can drop them off at your residence. If you would like the Refuse Department to drop them off, please select the number of recycling cans you need. Please separate paper from other recyclables. Please see What to Recycle for more information on recycling. 

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