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Special Meter Reading Form

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Please use this form to report the reading shown on your special meter. Please only submit your reading through one method- either use this form OR send in the paper postcard. Do not use this form if your meter has not been registered with the Township.  If your meter has not been registered because it is a new or replacement meter, please first register the meter using this form.  Credit will not be issued for meters that have not been registered. 

Do not submit readings from the main water meter. The main House Meter has a Black plastic piece on the DIAL and a wire that runs outside.  This is not the Special Meter, do not report that reading.  This is the main water meter for the entire house.  The Special Meter will not have the black plastic piece on the dial and it will not have a wire.

For more information, see the FAQ. If you have additional questions, please email 

Account Number
Property Address

Please specify the meter's serial number and brand  for this reading. Submit separate forms for each meter's reading.  Most residents only have one special meter. Please do not submit information for the main water meter, only the special meter.

(ex. 3594681 - MASTER)

2018 Meter Reading

Once you’re sure you’re looking at the correct meter, write down the numbers from left to right including any Leading and Ending Zeroes. Generally meters have 6 rolling dials. At the end of the rolling dials, the last digit is a fixed zero. This fixed zero should not roll over. Please include the fixed zero in your reading. For example: 1234560. Do not include a decimal point before the stationary zero.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to read the meter and report the reading accurately.  Failure to report accurate readings may lead to a suspension of the deduct meter account. 

Note: Some meters might have more than 6 rolling dials and/or more than 1 fixed zero. All meter readings should be written as shown on the meter.  If you are having difficulty reading your meter, please email  for assistance.

If any information on the postcard that you received is incorrect, please describe the correction here. 
If you would like to go paperless and receive an email rather than a postcard for next year's Special Meter reading, please provide your email address here. 

I, the undersigned resident of the property listed above, hereby do certify under penalty of law that the information furnished is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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