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Subject to later notice of change of time and location, all meetings will be held in the Township Administration Building, 75 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore.
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Historical Commission

Regular Monthly Meeting

Chair: Christian Busch
Vice-Chair: Gerry Fisher


Demolition/Renovation Permit

       1   1400 West Montgomery Avenue, Rosemont – Rosemont College – Class 1 – 2017-R-9

Renovation and addition of Cardinal Hall, which was built in 1955. Cardinal Hall is not considered a historic resource, but because it is located in close proximity to the College’s Main Building (“Rathalla”), this proposal should be evaluated for its impact on that Class 1 historic resource. The applicant is also seeking a waiver for a Historic Resource Impact Study.

       2   1218 Valley Road, Villanova – Class 2 – 2017-R-10

Various exterior modifications to the 1915 residence, including removal of two columns and balcony railing from a porch, modifying site walls, a new rear addition with façade materials to match existing, and replacement-in-kind of a wall on the north elevation.


NOTE: Applications acted upon at the Historical Commission will be discussed at the following meetings:

Building & Planning Committee
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
approx. 6:30 PM
Board Room, Township Building

Board of Commissioners
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
approx. 7:30 PM
Board Room, Township Building

If an application is TABLED, it is not forwarded to the Building and Planning Committee. If you are uncertain about whether or not a plan has been tabled, please call the Planning Division at 610-645-6112. If you have a disability and require auxiliary aid, service or other accommodations to participate in the proceedings, please contact Jody Kelley, Township Secretary at 610-645-6145 to discuss how the Township can accommodate your needs.