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The Township's Building & Planning Department provides a high level of service and maintains absolute integrity and honesty assuring customers of the Department's commitment to safety, sound planning, promotion of economic development opportunities and the quality of life issues. To promote and protect the public health, safety and welfare throughout the coordinated and practical development of the Township as outlined in the Zoning Code. To partner with Township residents and the development and commercial business community to encourage development that protects and enhances the aesthetic character of the community. To balance the evolving needs of the community in a comprehensive manner which culminates in the safe and timely completion of construction and development projects.


(include but are not limited to)

  • Implementing comprehensive building & planning goals and land use policies by preparing recommendations for amendments to Township Codes.
  • Developing and overseeing long range comprensive planning efforts. Evaluating and developing Township land use policies for recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.
  • Reviewing subdivision, land development and Conditional Use applications according to Township Codes within legal time limits. Facilitating coordination with Commissioners, Township Engineer, staff applicants and their representatives, and neighborhood groups. Negotiating  solutions to development issues and providing recommendations to the various advisory boards and the Board of Commissioners.
  • Ensuring that Conditions of Approval imposed on zoning, subdivision, land development and Conditional Use applications are met.
  • Coordinating with the Township Engineer's office to review traffic and transportation proposals for subdivisions and land development proposals.
  • Maintaining and analyzing demographic, census, and land use statistics.
  • Preserving community character through open space, streetscape and historic preservation efforts.
  • Implementing and managing Township approved redevelopment plans including the Ardmore Transit Center Plan, the Bryn Mawr Master Plan, Bala avenue and City Avenue Streetscape Plans, Rock Hill Road/Belmont Avenue Transportation Service Area (TSA) and City Avenue TSA.


REVISED: Building & Planning Committee

All Times Are Approximate

Co-Chairpersons: Commissioners Elizabeth S. Rogan & Philip S. Rosenzweig
Vice-Chairpersons: Commissioners George T. Manos & Joshua L. Grimes



    225 E. Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore, Ward 5, SD# 3754.

    Expiration Date – 3/2/2016................................................Zoning – R7/R3

    Applicant – John Rayer, Rayer Builders
    Property Owner – Haim & Sari Baron
    Applicant’s Representative – James G. Buckler, Esquire, Tollen & Buckler

    Consider for recommendation to the Board a Preliminary Land Development Plan prepared by Yohn Engineering, LLC, dated December 3, 2015, last revised January 15, 2016 showing the construction of eight townhouses with a common driveway to E. Montgomery Avenue. The following conditions shall be complied with prior to recording the Final Plan by means of plan revision, completion or financial guarantee, unless specifically exempted.

    Township Engineer’s Review:

    1. The Township Engineer’s review letter dated January 19, 2016 shall be incorporated by reference into these conditions of approval to the extent the same is not inconsistent with the conditions of approval set forth below.

    Layout & Architectural Elevations:

    1. The buildings shall be constructed substantially as shown on the architectural elevations prepared by JTA Associates, Inc. dated December 9, 2015, with the exception of modifications required by these conditions of approval. Compliance with this condition shall be determined prior to approval of the Final Plan. If the applicant and staff cannot reach agreement on the final elevations, then the applicant shall return to the Board of Commissioners.

    2. The applicant shall provide a wraparound porch on Unit 1.

    3. The applicant shall provide details regarding the garage doors to be used on all units upon the submission of a building permit application detailing the style and material of the doors.

    4. The applicant shall investigate recessing the garage doors on units 1, 2, 7 and 8 a minimum of one (1) to three feet (3) from the front wall of the dwelling.

    1. The rear of units 3, 4 and 6 shall include additional detailing to break up the mass and scale and shall be coordinated with the landscape plan.

    2. The mean grade of the structures shall be calculated and shown on the Grading Plan. The architectural plans shall be coordinated with and shall comply with the grading proposed with this application.

    Streetscape & Landscape Plan:

    1. The new location of the fence enclosing the property at 101 Llanfair Road shall be shown on the plan with a note stating that the encroachment of the newly relocated fence and the existing garage is permitted as agreed by the two property owners. An easement agreement shall be executed and recorded by each party.

    2. The paver area within the courtyard shall be expanded extended.

    3. A total of ten dditional stone pillars shall be provided along the Montgomery Avenue street frontage in coordination with Township staff. All pillars shall be spaced approximately a minimum of 20 feet apart.

    4. Any The greening elements in the courtyard such as potted plants and window boxes shall be maintained by the future Homeowner’s Association. The potted plants should also be added to the landscape plan.

    5. A pedestrian walkway shall be provided within the driveway leading out to the public sidewalk.

    6. The required number of street trees shall not be deducted from the required number of trees under the Natural Features Code. The removal of any tree in the right-of-way shall be subject to the approval of the Shade Tree Commission.

    7. The required 20 foot buffer shall be planted for the full width with species that will provide substantial screening of the new homes.

    8. The proposed shadow box fence along the eastern property line shall be upgraded to a board on board fence and shall be extended along the rear and other side property lines.

    9. The Township Arborist shall determine the viability of trees shown to be preserved in the required 20 foot buffer.

    10. Wooded lot calculations shall be subject to the approval of the Township Arborist. The total number of trees removed for the proposed construction shall be indicated.

    11. A revised landscape plan complying with Natural Features Code Sections 101-9, 101-5B, Zoning Code Section 155-167.7 and conditions herein shall be prepared and sealed by a Registered Landscape Architect and submitted with the Final Plan.

    Traffic and Circulation:

    1. Sidewalk and curb shall be noted on the plan to be repaired/replaced at the direction of the Township.

    Stormwater Management and Erosion Control:

    1. The increased volume of stormwater generated by the proposed development for the twenty five (25) year storm shall be recharged. Calculations documenting this shall be submitted utilizing meadow as the pre-development ground cover condition.

    2. All inlets in non-paved areas shall be graded in a twelve (12”) inch sump condition to increase the efficiency of runoff collection. Spot elevations shall be added to the plan to clarify grading.

    3. The location of the twenty-four (24”) inch round yard drain shown in the stone bed detail shall be clarified on the plan view.

    4. The distribution pipes shall be fully shown in the plan view detail. Cleanouts shall be shown if/as required.

    5. The location of the observation ports shall be clearly shown in the plan view detail of the stone bed.

    Construction Details:

    1. The limits of any existing depressed curb to be raised to full reveal shall be clarified on the plans.

    2. The length of curb taper shall be consistent between the plan view and detail.


    1. The water main in Montgomery Avenue shall be shown in the sanitary sewer profile. The electric, gas, and water service lines shall be shown. The lateral connection locations shall be indicated.

    2. The sanitary lateral connections to the main shall be shown sufficiently staggered to allow for the fitting placement.

    3. The sanitary main shall be maintained privately by the Homeowner’s Association unless otherwise directed by the Township.

    Plan Requirements:

    1. An As-Built Plan shall be submitted prior to the final release of escrow.

    2. A certified legal description of the property indicating that the boundaries shown on the site plan are accurate shall be submitted to the Township prior to recording the Final Plan

    Standard Conditions of Approval:

    1. The required recreation fee of $25,000 shall be paid upon submittal of the building permit.

    2. All construction-related vehicles shall be parked on-site or at a remote site not in the neighborhood. No construction-related vehicles may park on the street. This includes vehicles operated by construction workers, material suppliers, product vendors, and all construction trades engaged in the project.

    3. An outdoor lighting plan, sealed by a responsible design professional, that includes illuminance patterns shall be submitted to and approved by the Director of the Building and Planning Department prior to issuance of any permits. The location, luminaire type, wattage, means of control and pole height shall be indicated. Lighting shall be designed to minimize the off-site transmission of light, to shield the source of illumination and to prevent glare on adjacent properties. Exterior luminaires shall be full cut-off unless it can be demonstrated that cut-off luminaires are more appropriate and will result in less off-site light trespass.

    4. The lighting plan shall be designed to comply with the 2009 IECC or the 2007 ASHRAE Standard 90.1.

    5. A copy of the revised plan shall be submitted with any changes highlighted. A letter shall also be provided with the revised plan indicating how each requested revision has been addressed in the re-submission.

    6. Any changes to the approved plans shall require the submission of an as-built plan prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. Building and Planning staff can waive this requirement if the changes are determined to be insignificant.

    7. New buildings shall have approved address numbers, building numbers or approved building identification placed in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting on the property. The address numbers shall be a minimum of four (4) inches (102mm) high with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inch (12.7mm).

    8. The Final Plan, complying with all applicable requirements, shall be filed with the Department of Building and Planning within twelve (12) months from the date of the Preliminary Plan approval.

    9. The owner will make payment of fees and expenses of the Township’s professional consultants who perform services on behalf of the Township with respect to these plans and the work contemplated thereunder and will establish and maintain with the Township those escrows for the payment of such fees required by Township Code. Owner agrees that any statement from the Township for such fees which remain unpaid for a period of 30 days may be recorded against the property as a municipal lien.

    10. The owner shall make payment of the Township Engineer’s inspection fees within 30 days of presentation. A penalty of 1.5% per month will be due for late payments from the date of presentation. If any shares are not paid within 60 days of presentation, the Township may elect to suspend any outstanding permits until all pending charges are settled.

    11. The property owner(s) shall comply with all federal, state and applicable Lower Merion Township ordinances and laws regardless of specific mention herein.

    In addition, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the following waiver:
    Natural Features Code Section 101-5.C.2.b, to disturb steep slopes 25% and greater.


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