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The Township's Building & Planning Department provides a high level of service and maintains absolute integrity and honesty assuring customers of the Department's commitment to safety, sound planning, promotion of economic development opportunities and the quality of life issues. To promote and protect the public health, safety and welfare throughout the coordinated and practical development of the Township as outlined in the Zoning Code. To partner with Township residents and the development and commercial business community to encourage development that protects and enhances the aesthetic character of the community. To balance the evolving needs of the community in a comprehensive manner which culminates in the safe and timely completion of construction and development projects.


(include but are not limited to)

  • Implementing comprehensive building & planning goals and land use policies by preparing recommendations for amendments to Township Codes.
  • Developing and overseeing long range comprensive planning efforts. Evaluating and developing Township land use policies for recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.
  • Reviewing subdivision, land development and Conditional Use applications according to Township Codes within legal time limits. Facilitating coordination with Commissioners, Township Engineer, staff applicants and their representatives, and neighborhood groups. Negotiating  solutions to development issues and providing recommendations to the various advisory boards and the Board of Commissioners.
  • Ensuring that Conditions of Approval imposed on zoning, subdivision, land development and Conditional Use applications are met.
  • Coordinating with the Township Engineer's office to review traffic and transportation proposals for subdivisions and land development proposals.
  • Maintaining and analyzing demographic, census, and land use statistics.
  • Preserving community character through open space, streetscape and historic preservation efforts.
  • Implementing and managing Township approved redevelopment plans including the Ardmore Transit Center Plan, the Bryn Mawr Master Plan, Bala avenue and City Avenue Streetscape Plans, Rock Hill Road/Belmont Avenue Transportation Service Area (TSA) and City Avenue TSA.


REVISED: Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

Co-Chairs: Charles Howland & Anthony Vale
Members: Harriet Ruffin, Richard Pasquier, Catherine Cantlin, George Ross & Tim Mathews


  1. May 2, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

  2. Capital Improvement Plan Workshop, Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 6:00 p.m.

  3. SECOND STAGE PLAN544 New Gulph Road, Bryn Mawr, SD# 3732L#2, Ward 10. A proposal to construct a new single family detached home with a 2,462 sq. ft. footprint on the existing vacant lot.

  4. SECOND STAGE PLAN424 N. Sydbury Lane, Wynnewood, SD# 3096, Lot 14, Ward 5. A proposal to construct a new single family detached home with a 4,373 sq. ft. footprint on the existing vacant lot.

  5. *** TABLED ***

    TENTATIVE SKETCH PLAN10 Union Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, LD# 3769, Ward 9. A proposal to construct a five-story, 112 unit apartment building with a 43,452 sq. ft. footprint over two levels of parking.

  6. PRELIMINARY LAND DEVELOPMENT & CONDITIONAL USE PLAN6 Lancaster Avenue (AKA 18 Lancaster Avenue), Wynnewood, LD# 3768 & 3768C, Ward 7. A proposal to construct a four-story, 22 unit apartment building with a 12,471 sq. ft. footprint over one level of parking. The applicant also seeks the following Conditional Uses:

    • Zoning Code Section 155-95.1 to hold 54 parking spaces in reserve for a total of 124 reserve parking spaces;
    • Zoning Code Section 155-152.C to exceed the allowable impervious surface by 960 square feet for the reserve parking; and
    • Zoning Code Section 155-144 to develop the property to the R-7 zoning district rather than the Open Space Preservation District.

NOTE: Applications acted upon at the Planning Commission will be discussed at the following meetings:

Building & Planning Committee
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
approx. 7:00 PM
Board Room, Township Building

Board of Commissioners
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
7:30 PM
Board Room, Township Building

Issues memos and conditions of approval for agenda items can be obtained by e-mailing Senior Planner, Andrea Campisi; Planning Technician, Carissa Hazelton or Planning Technician, Jillian Puleo Dierks.

If an application is TABLED, it is not forwarded to the Building and Planning Committee. To find out if an application has been tabled, call the Planning Division at 610-645-6140. If you have a disability and require auxiliary aid, service or other accommodations to participate in the proceedings, please contact Jody Kelley, Township Secretary at 610-645-6145 to discuss how the Township can accommodate your needs. When addressing the Planning Commission, please state your name and address before making comments. As a courtesy to all, comments made from the audience during testimony or Planning Commission deliberation are not permitted and are not included as part of the public record. Public speakers are encouraged to summarize their comments and limit presentation to three minutes per item. Speakers representing a group are encouraged to limit their presentation to five minutes. The Planning Commission requests that the audience silence their cell phones at the beginning of the meeting.


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